English Speaking Community

English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern

                  Directions : Tram 7 towards Ostring, Stop - Burgernziel

Online Registration for Mass on Sunday 1st November 2020

Click on the link https://kelmesse.org/

As the site is in French, please follow the instructions given below:

1) Click on "Votre diocèse" and choose "Diocèse de Bern"

2) Click on "Votre paroisse" and choose "English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern"

3) Click "Envoyer"

4) Now click "Célébrations proposées" and choose which of the 2 Masses you would like to attend. Note that the you can see how many places are available. (Restantes is French for remaining)

5) Click on "Nom de famille" and type your Full name

6) Click "Nombre de personnes assistant à la messe" and enter the number of people from your family who are above the age of 12 and will be attending the Mass with you.

7) Next enter your email address

8) Check mark "J'accepte les Conditions générales" to accept the terms and conditions.

9) Click on "Envoyer" to send the registration request.

You will then receive a confirmation by email.

If for any reason you cannot attend the Mass you have registered for, the confirmation email has a registration number and a link at the bottom "ANNULER MA PARTICIPATION". Please click on that link to cancel your registration and free up your place for someone else.


English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern
Bruder Klaus Parish

Parish Office : Segantinistrasse 26a,

                     Postfach 808,

                     3000 Bern 31

Church and Parish Centre :

                     Ostring 1a, 3006 Bern

Email : esrccb.bruderklaus(at)yahoo.com


No Masses from 24th October till 23rd November, 2020

On account of the rising Corona cases and the latest regulations placed by the Swiss Federal Council, all Masses have to be called off till November 23rd, 2020 

Therefore, please note that we will not have any Mass in the Parish of Bruder Klaus, Bern starting October 25th 2020, for at least a month. This includes all Catechism Classes and Study groups.

On Sunday 1st November, we propose to have 2 Masses in the morning. Please register via the link given on the left side of this page to attend Mass.

Kindly check back regularly on this website for further updates.

Pastoral Counselling

Members of our Community can avail of Pastoral Counselling imparted by Fr. Matthew Boland of Fribourg.

His contact details are:

Email - Matthew.Boland(at)unifr.ch

Phone/WhatsApp - 076 604 49 41


English speaking Community