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English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern

                  Directions : Tram 7 towards Ostring, Stop - Burgernziel


AGM on May 2nd 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the ESRCCB is on 2nd May 2021. All Members are invited to attend this after the Mass. The Agenda can be viewed here. The Auditor's Report will be available upon request.

The Meeting will commence after Mass. You are invited to send your requests for Agenda items to Karin Stauffer, by no later than 18th April, 2021. All requests have to be in writing and must include your name, address and signature. These can be submitted in either of the following ways:


Minutes of the AGM from 2020 can be seen here


English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern
Bruder Klaus Parish

Parish Office : Segantinistrasse 26a

                          3006 Bern 

Church and Parish Centre :

                     Ostring 1a

                     3006 Bern

Email : esrccb.bruderklaus(at)yahoo.com


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English speaking Community