English Speaking Community

English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern

                  Directions : Tram 7 towards Ostring, Stop - Burgernziel

Masses from 12th December 2020 till January 2021

Masses begin at 09.30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated in the link for Masses on the left side of this page. Disinfection of the Church pews by volunteers take place after Mass is over.

Confessions will be heard from 09.00 a.m. till 9.25 a.m. in the Baptistery and not in the Confessionals.

Only 50 people will be allowed inside the Church on a "First Come, First Served" basis. Once the number has been crossed, attendees will be directed to the Parish Centre where 50 people will be allowed in in the big hall and the next 50 in the small hall. The English Masses will be live streamed to these halls. The Priest will bring Holy Communion to all in the Parish Centre.

Please note that since the Masses are being live streamed, there is no need to pre register. 

We need helping hands to disinfect the pews and seats after each Mass. Kindly contact any of the Council Members if you are willing to ease our burden!

As always, we request you to please stay at home if you suffer from a cold, cough or fever.


English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern
Bruder Klaus Parish

Parish Office : Segantinistrasse 26a

                          3006 Bern 

Church and Parish Centre :

                     Ostring 1a

                     3006 Bern

Email : esrccb.bruderklaus(at)yahoo.com


English speaking Community