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English Speaking Community

English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern

                  Directions : Tram 7 towards Ostring, Stop - Burgernziel

Masses during the Covid-19 threat

Please stay at home if you suffer from a cold, cough or fever.

Masses begin at 09.30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated in the link for Masses on the left side of this page.  Disinfection of the Church pews by volunteers take place after Mass is over.

Confessions will be heard from 09.00 a.m. till 9.25 a.m. in the Baptistery and not in the Confessionals.

Only alternate pews can be used for seating. Additionally, there are marked spots on the pews, which the congregation should use as a reference so that only a specific number of people sit on each designated pew.

The red books cannot be used. Instead, the readings will be beamed through a projector.

Offertory baskets will not be passed around, but will be placed at the back of the Church. Offerings can be placed in them while exiting the Church.

Before Communion, Father will say "Body of Christ" and everyone shall respond once with "Amen". After that, no one should say "Amen" again while receiving Holy Communion.

Since social distancing measures have to be strictly followed, lining up for Holy Communion has to be done orderly. All are to remain seated until called by the Ushers.

The Congregation should leave the Church premises immediately on exiting the Church.


English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern
Bruder Klaus Parish

Parish Office : Segantinistrasse 26a,

                     Postfach 808,

                     3000 Bern 31

Church and Parish Centre :

                     Ostring 1a, 3006 Bern

Email : esrccb.bruderklaus(at)yahoo.com

Pastoral Counselling

Members of our Community can avail of Pastoral Counselling imparted by Fr. Matthew Boland of Fribourg.

His contact details are:

Email - Matthew.Boland(at)unifr.ch

Phone/WhatsApp - 076 604 49 41


English speaking Community