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English Speaking Community

English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern

                  Directions : Tram 7 towards Ostring, Stop - Burgernziel



14 candidates will be confirmed at Mass on Saturday 12th July at 11.00 a.m. in the Church. 


EC Picnic cancelled

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Corona situation in Switzerland, the Council regrets to announce that our Community's Annual Picnic cannot take place this year. We continue to pray for each other and for the Church during these trying times.


English Speaking Roman Catholic Community of Bern
Bruder Klaus Parish

Parish Office : Segantinistrasse 26a,

                     Postfach 808,

                     3000 Bern 31

Church and Parish Centre :

                     Ostring 1a, 3006 Bern

Email : esrccb.bruderklaus(at)yahoo.com

Pastoral Counselling

Members of our Community can avail of Pastoral Counselling imparted by Fr. Matthew Boland of Fribourg.

His contact details are:

Email - Matthew.Boland(at)unifr.ch

Phone/WhatsApp - 076 604 49 41


English speaking Community