Membership - Registration Form

The Membership Registration Form should be filled in CAPITAL LETTERS and handed over to any Council Member. For queries regarding the status of your membership, please see Nisha Raju.

Catechism Classes - Registration Form 

The Registration form for all Catechism Classes held during the year should be appropriately filled in and handed over to Karin Stauffer or Nisha Raju.

The decision to hold classes depends on the number of registrations received and rests with the Council.

Baptism - Registration Form

The Baptism Registration Form should filled in and handed over to any Council Member ALONG WITH a photocopy of the Baptism Certificates of BOTH PARENTS and GODPARENTS.

The documents will first be verified and only then will the Baptism be approved. PLEASE DO NOT RESERVE PARTY VENUES UNLESS THE BAPTISM HAS BEEN APPROVED.