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What is interim aid?

Help in financial distress

  • Get short-term support.
  • Cover living costs.
  • Prevent immediate hardship.
  • Stabilise one’s own situation.
  • Guidance in the crisis.

Who is the interim aid for?

For migrants

  • For people in dire financial straits or in a crisis.
  • People who have been living in Bern for at least two years or whose centre of life is in the city.
  • Foreign nationals with a valid residence status B, C, F or L.
  • People with no right of residence, so-called Sans-Papiers.

Why is interim aid available?

Advice without being reported to the authorities

  • Many people are afraid of the social welfare office or the immigration authorities. They avoid any contact with the authorities despite their financial distress.
  • Social assistance benefits are not drawn due to the risk of losing the right of residence.
  • The social welfare office and immigration authorities are not informed about the interim aid.
  • Counselling is provided by independent church agencies and recognised partner organisations.

What is the interim aid for?

For accommodation, clothes, food, health

  • Bills or expenses are paid.
  • Temporary financial relief for a maximum of six months.
  • Working together to sort out one's own situation and find possible solutions.

Where can I get interim aid?

This is where help is available in times of need

  • The Social Work Office of the Catholic Church in the Bern Region (Fachstelle Sozialarbeit der Katholischen Kirche Region Bern ) is responsible for this.
  • The initial contact is made by phone or email – see our address.
  • Talks are held at the church social counselling centres or partner organisations in the neighbourhoods of the city of Bern.



Phone 031 300 33 65

Monday to Thursday: 9–12 h and 14–17 h

Friday: 9–12 h

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